Dooling 61 model change

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Dooling 61 model change

Postby dynasoar » Fri Jul 11, 2008 3:04 pm

Hi Gentlemen,

This is my first posting to the forum. Here's a question to start things off. A Vintage Control Line Speed class is being discussed, with the cutoff date for ignition engines and airplanes set for the end of 1947.

I would like to run my 7-fin Dooling 61, which I believe was introduced late in calander '47. I don't have access to an engine encyclopedia at this time, so could someone check the serial number and date for Dooling's transition from the early 1947 10-fin crankase to the later 7-fin configuration? I believe the transition S/N was about 1500 and the announcement of the new engine was, coincidently, about the same time as the Arden glow plug hit the market.


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