k&b 61 engine

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k&b 61 engine

Postby wkk427 » Thu Nov 29, 2007 5:34 am

not long after i got the engine it would run fine at high speed but i had trouble getting it to idle.i tried about every combination.it also seemed to be going through a lot of glow plugs,it got to the point that it would run and idle fine untill i removed the glow starter then it would shut down almost instantly.where do i need to start to find my problem.how do you check to make sure engine compression is ok .at this point i can not even get it to start at all.is it possible for the gas to be bad.it looks good but is it possible that it has lost some of its kick.if i cant figure it out i will probably send it in for repair thaks keith kd4qlo
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Getting it running

Postby ekitik » Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:59 am

If your engine ran at all it has good compression.

Start by some new fuel I suggest Omega 10 percent fuel. Use a 10 percent new fuel any brand that is 5 to 10 percent nitro. Standard sport fuel.

gently screw in the high speed needle until it seats then turn it out 1.5 turns. This is a good starting point and may need to be adjusted later once the engine runs for top rpm.

Replace the glow plug with a new one (medium hot) Use any brand you like just make sure it is medium hot.

Make sure you are using a test stand for the engine while you perform the starting tasks. If you leave it in the plane you may have a fuel problem of some king ..such as holes in your hoses and fuel tank fuel pick up problems.

If you use a test stand you can eliminate many issues and likley get the thing working. When you move it to the plane and it stops working you may adress the other plane/fuel issues if any.

Other information.
Many engine makers take the time to write engine trouble shooting diagrams that can be of great assistance when attempting to start and engine. Look em up and use them.

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