Tt GP-07 poor - Options for alternatives?

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Tt GP-07 poor - Options for alternatives?

Postby electroflier » Mon Jun 09, 2008 2:56 pm

I built a "mini" diamond dust delta wing, and put a brand new GP-07 on the nose. This was my frst 1/2A-sized project, and I didn't do enough research on this powerplant.

I'm only getting in the 14-15K range of rpm with 5.5 to 6" props. This is no where near fast enough for this type of airframe. Flight righ now is very tame. I'm looking for speeds in the 70-90 mph range, meaning I will need to turn a 5.5 x 4.5 prop about 18-19K (or more), or a 7 x 6 prop in the 15K range (or more).

With the current GP-07 the flying weight is about 15 oz, not including fuel (I'm using a 2 oz tank, so say total weight is 17 oz on launch).

I'm looking for a reasonably available alternative to the GP-07. Norvels are probably out since they're getting scarce. I was thinking about a Fuji in the 0.11-0.15 size, or the RJL Conquest 0.15. I'm also considering the OS 10LA, but this sport motor probably would probably disappoint. A Novarossi 1.5 cc would work :lol:

Comments or suggestions?
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