MECOA Half-A Plug Adapaters

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MECOA Half-A Plug Adapaters

Postby Keefer » Sat Jul 19, 2008 8:20 pm

After staring at the MECOA glow plug adapter web page for the two anodized glow plug adapters (911-049 Red and 911-048 purple), I realize that my brand new purple adapter is specific for SHORT plugs. The "Or you can use a standard short glow plug" kinda gets lost in the noise of the web page. I just thought it was a choice of color.

So I'm looking at my brand new purple adapter, which I think may be useless since I use long plugs, and I do some measurments to compare it to Cox and Norvel AME heads.

With a long plug installed, the coil (and glow-plug base) of a long plug installed in the 911-048 purple adapter is within .002" of the Cox and AME coils. So my question is -

Is there really a size difference between the red and purple anodized head adapters?
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