lots a smoke kit for tatone pitts muffler - 2 questions

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lots a smoke kit for tatone pitts muffler - 2 questions

Postby carddfann » Fri Mar 27, 2009 8:04 am

I plan on installing a "lots a smoke" kit in a Tatone .60 size pitts muffler and mount it on a K&B .61 twister. The Tatone catalog sheet references smoke kit 17036 as the right one to use. However, its out of stock. Someone suggested that the smoke kit 17016 is universal and should fit just about any Tatone muffler. Is this true or is the 17036 a better choice for the pitts muffler?

Other question about making smoke. If I tap into crank case pressure for the smoke oil tank, wouldn't that harm engine performance? As the smoke tank empties, the crank pressure will be filling a larger volume so it would seem that it may affect how the engine draws fuel and/or runs. Maybe I should also get a separate pump, but thats more expense, weight, and complexity to me. Thanks in advance for your time to answer.
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