Head gasket material choices?

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Head gasket material choices?

Postby pchall » Mon Jun 09, 2008 1:05 pm

I need to cut a new head gasket seal for a Wen Mac Mk II. I have no clue what the black gasket inside the aluminum muff/cylinder head is made of, or even if it is the original gasket. There are light tool marks on the muff and the lead steel cylinder, so this engine has been opened by a previous owner.

Since the gasket is exposed to the combustion process it needs to stand up to high temperatures and glow fuel as well as making the seal. The thickness of the current gasket is 1/16 and any change in thickness will raise or lower the compression ratio. Actually, a bit more compression might be a good thing on this engine.

Any suggestion as to the material I should use? Any clue what would Wen Mac have been using in the early 50s?

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