HB 61 carb

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HB 61 carb

Postby Jim Johnson » Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:11 pm

I posted this a 4 days ago on the HB Engine column and still haven't got an answer... some one out there in Engine Land must know... the pic of the carb is there..

I have a HB Carb ... logo on the front... the fuel inlet points to the prop instead of the rear ... it seems this brass part is press fit ... also the spray bar inside the carb appears to be upside down... how did this get this way... I have tightened the brass nut on the spray bar to see if it will turn... nothing... I used a little heat.. nothing ... can I get this part out and rotate it back to the way it should be or is it permanent . This engine cleaned up nicely and has excellent compression .. here is a pic of the way the inlet looks now. Thanks Jim
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