still cant get my new .91 k&b to run

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still cant get my new .91 k&b to run

Postby barry3rd » Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:20 pm

i am guessing my next step is to build a bench testing device , which i will be doing tomorrow , any suggestions on how long i can run it on the bench with out it being under a load, i think my problem is all in the barrel but with a Dumas miller American 1/8 there is no room in the engine compartment to get a tool in much less even begin to try to check out the barrell position, it will turn one revolution and hit but cant seam to get it to turn more than one time over with out being so hard to crank , i have tried heating as we discussed, and losing the plug , and i keep getting the same result, so i am going after the bench device that i will build, that way i can at least get a look at whats going on with it, so i guess my question is how long can i run it on the bench, and YES i have a water cooling system already built for it thanks Barry
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