K&B 11cc Marine Engines - Will They Upgrade?

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K&B 11cc Marine Engines - Will They Upgrade?

Postby freddyst » Sat Jun 16, 2007 11:37 am


I was wondering if K&B ever had plans to upgrade the design of their 11cc marine engines. I race 11cc motors and everone in our club had to abandon the american made motor to compete. CMB is now the only motor we can use with MAC be a distant second. K&B, Picco (no longer making 11cc motors), OS Max and OPS all have gone by the way-side. To step up, K&B needs larger bearings, pin bearings on the low end of a steel rod, a carb that alows good flow with a low end setting (we use the OS Mas 9B carb on our CMBs) and a crank that can take the extra stress. Of course, port timing is very important.

I'm not saying the existing motor is bad, just that its design is dated. It's a great engine for fun running.

I would like to buy an american made engine that is competative and K&B is the only company that could make such a beast.

Any thoughts? :?:
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