OLD K&B 7.5, ~8702 mod, frzn crank and PTO fixed..now ca

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OLD K&B 7.5, ~8702 mod, frzn crank and PTO fixed..now ca

Postby frd1952 » Tue Feb 24, 2009 9:40 pm

Thanks to the help from forum members, the crankshaft was freed up, cleaned and ready to go, same with PTO....Do I need to put grease into the bearings, and if so what kind ? Only wrecked 2 small parts, the threaded shaft that screws into the crankshaft to hold the cone/flywheel, and the small cap on the very top of that shaft that holds the cone/flywheel on...guess I hit it a little too hard to free up the crankshaft, even after heating it up...hopefully I can find/buy new ones ? will also need a few gaskets...can these be found or made? very thin like a plastic wax paper or something.>>>ON TO THE CARB !

Re the carb, should the little arm that the cable attaches to move something, like the air hole opening in the throat, or a needle valve, or what? Right now it does not move anything, but I know something should move...what and how please? Should I open this up and give it the usual Liq Wrench cleaning ? pics at http://www.modelengine.org/gallery/sear ... t=1&page=1 and some of crank and PTO on pg 2 of this site of new pictures...thanks.
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